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Jujubeegees Productions

Shinning the spotlight on untold stories.

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Joke Bar: our jokes may stink but our desperation wreaks

Stories ripped from bartenders and told by comedians, this series combines the silliness of the hospitality industry with the zeal only comedians can muster. Follow Penny, whose best friend is a sock puppet, as she meets her new coworkers, a group of unique characters you can only find in a West Village bar.

Getting by one change at a time.

Everyday women wake up, change their clothes, adjust their attitudes & brave the world to be confronted by the harsh reality of non-permanence. Change Machine shows us the physical, emotional & spiritual adjustments one woman makes throughout the day.

Four women set out to answer the question, "What is Santacon?"

Turns out a city filled with santas is a lot like tequila, terrible & lovely.

Is your smile a hide-and-go-seek master? Here are ten ways to find it.

This series of ten ultra-short films highlights quick and easy ways to remember how to find your smile.

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