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Change Machine

Everyday we wake up, change our clothes, adjust our attitudes & brave the world to be confronted by the harsh reality of non-permanence. Change Machine shows us the physical, emotional & spiritual adjustments one woman makes throughout the day.

Change Machine: Man on the train

Run time 1:29

Change Machine: Whistled At

Run time 2:29

CHange Machine: change your shirt change your mind

Run time  36 seconds

Change Machine: the sun

Run time 21 seconds

Change Machine: Portfolio

Change Machine marks my directorial debut. Starring the brilliant Ursula Lopez-Palm, the series reuses bits of footage to show different days in the life of one woman. These stories are autobiographical and are also sadly quite common for many women. After watching these shorts women often comment by relating their version of these days while men think I'm a creative genius for such original content. While some use these comments as totems our differences, I prefer to point out that all humans agree about which parts of the stories are tragic and which are uplifting.

Change Machine: Text
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