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Tie Dye Tailor Made For Your Best Self

Bespoke tie dye gives us the ability to wear tie dye anywhere at anytime. Want a sharp blazer for that presentation with the partners? Tie dye. Want a subtle & fun way to be remembered at a networking event? Tie dye. What about that reunion in a few months with those meeeh people? Tie dye can help with that. 

Just contact Jen at

or Instagram

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Bespoke Tie Dye = Tie Dye For Every Occasion

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Who Wears Tie Dye?

If you’re like me, you have, on average 7 professions a month, plus gigs, one-offers & a (selective) social life. The people you carve out time for make you a better person & when you see them, you feel better. 

You smile at strangers, and appreciate it when an unknown (human, animal or plant) smiles first. 

Everywhere you go, you’re one of a kind. All of us. We’re all one of a kind, humankind. And humans love tie dye. 

All types of humans, all types of tie dye.

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Why Tie Dye?

It all started in college; our house had a tie dye sesh.

It was fun, and the bright colors really dazzled. When I wore it, people smiled at me. 

Years later when I’m NYC broke (can afford life’s necessities, but none of the pleasures that come with a price tag), I decide to tie dye a bunch of under shirts so I have some new clothes. Again, everyone loves them. I get smiles from strangers; even the sick & sick in the head smile, the tie dye was seen before the body. And so began a great defense system. 

Plus Tie dye hides stains. Win win win. 

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