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Ten Ways

(to rekindle your smile)

Ten Ways is a love letter to the world. I send out my best findings with perfect pictures and witty retorts to share my fanciful findings. No two humans are alike, so I meet as many as possible; through these interactions, I’ve found that our similarities outweigh our differences. Sure, every demographic has their stubborn mules and and fighting kangaroos, but they also have their ventriloquists and fortune tellers. From She-Ra to Billie Eilish, humanity is just plain cool. And when I forget that, and would rather lock myself inside with a joint and a pack of Darrel Lea, I seek out one of the following ways to lift my spirits. I parade my experiences with glitter and glory because quality mental health shouldn’t be mysterious, and perhaps my personal solutions will positively trigger you into something better should you ever find yourself in the gutter of dispair.

Ten Ways: Project
Ten Ways: Pro Gallery
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