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Jenny Bechem

Filmmaker, painter, tie dye extraordinaire.

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Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from

A bit about me...

Sure, I can tell you about my time studying with Terry Kincerbocker at the William Esper Studio (Meisner= explore your soul + rinse & repeat), or the Hindi words I learned (and forgot) while writing and performing characters on the weekly show "The Best Half" on the Dish Network; but I’d rather say …
Hey! I’m Jenny, so nice to meetchya. As an actor I explore emotions with words and body language to tell stories. I love doing this! Being handed a new scene and seeing how the words on the page make my body behave is a wild experience. It sorta feels like this light show. Sometimes I use my large amazonian-frame and spider monkey around a room in dashes and unhinged swings. Or I recount the silent films I idolized of my youth and let my eyelashes and shape-shifting mouth reform with every breath. In short, I study a script and figure out how I live in the words on the page; every scene, sketch, and shot I am honored to be in, my soul is living to the fullest. Acting has lead me to my most recent passion, filmmaking. In 2015 I wrote and produced my first web series and I’ve been hooked ever since. I believe in the power of storytelling; some stories are funny, some dramatic, all seek to empower individuals to realize their power and ability to create their own happiness. And don’t worry, I know that last sentence probably caused an eye-roll or two. (Pun intended.)
If you really want to get to know me, then you should check out my paintings. When I paint, I use colors to generate constant visceral moments to instigate thoughts and feelings that move people into a better headspace. While I have created art that celebrates some of the darkness in life, I feel there is plenty of that out there and choose to concentrate on making art that uplifts the spirit. 
And because all good things come in threes, you should know one more thing about me... I heart tie dye. As a traveler I encounter people from all over the world on a daily basis, and I’ve found that when I wear tie dye, we can greet each other with a smile more times than not. The stereotypes of tie dye often lead me to chill people who enjoy life with vigor, embrace change earnestly, and hold up their hand for a solid high five. Also, tie dye forgives spills, and who doesn’t like that?

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