One daughter's homemade Father's Day Present

It's been a few decades since those Budweiser commercials came out, but my dad still talks about them. So since I'm in broke-quarantine, I thought I'd make a personalized "Waza UUUUP!?!" ad just for him. Would you like to him make an old man laugh? Show a Boomer that cynicism is overrated? How about take part in a fun community of creatives? Then send a "Waza uuuup!?!" video or join a zoom session where you'll yell "Waza uuuup!?!" at a bunch of fun people.

Send a "Waza uuuup!?!" video

Just record you by yourself, or with your family/roommate/person, anywhere you want, saying "Waza uuuup!?!" and email it to

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Join a Waza Uuuup zoom meeting

A bit camera shy? Wanna see a whole bunch of fun people say the same fun thing at the same fun time? Join a zoom meeting. The next meeting is: 

Apr 11, 2020 04:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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